Research Interests

Social Exclusion, Dalit Studies, Poverty Alleviation, Urban Governance, Agricultural Markets, and Community Development 

Research Works

My present research focuses on Dalit's incorporation into India's business economy and its implications for social and economic policies. My others works include:

1. 'Agricultural Policy Reforms and Grain Markets in Tanzania'- thesis for MPhil in Development Studies programme at University of Oxford (2006-08).

2. 'A Framework for Effective Partnerships in Community Development Projects' -dissertation of Bachelor of Planning programme at School of Planning and Architecture (2002-06)

3. 'Bhagidari: The Delhi Experiment in Governance' under CCS Research Fellowship Programme (2005)

4.'Ward Committee: Tool for Participatory Local Governance' under Urban Governance Fellowship Programme (2005)


1. 'Spatial Analysis of Dalits’ Incorporation in the Indian Business Economy', a book chapter in the book 'Mapping India’s Capitalism: Old and New Regions' edited by Elisabetta Basile and Barbara Harriss-White, Palgrave Macmillan, London:Forthcoming

2. 'Trajectories of Dalits' Incorporation into the Indian Neoliberal Business Economy', a book chapter in the book 'Mobility or Marginalisation? Dalits in Neo-liberal India' edited by Clarinda Still, Routledge, London:2014

3. 'Dalits and Adivasis in India's Business Economy: Three Essays and an Atlas', a coauthored book with Barbara Harriss-White, E. Basile, Anita Dixit, Pinaki Joddar & Aseem Prakash, Three Essays Collective, New Delhi:2013 

4. 'Poverty in Bihar: Patterns, Dimensions and Eradication Strategies: A Report' with Joyita Ghose and Amrita Datta, for the United Nations Development Programme, 2010

5. 'Stigma and Regions of Accumulation: Mapping Dalit and Adivasi Capital in the 1990s', a book chapter coauthored with Prof. Barbara Harriss-White, in 'The Comparative Political Economy of Development: Africa and South Asia', Routledge, 2009 

6. 'India’s Trade Engagements With Africa: A Comparison With China', Indian Economic Review, Vol V, Quartely Issue, 31st December 2008

7. 'Bhagidari: The Delhi Experiment in Governance', a book chapter in 'State of Governance: Delhi Citizen Handbook 2006', Centre for Civil society, New Delhi:2006

8. 'Ward Committee: Tool for Participatory Local Governance', a book chapter in 'Ward Power: Decentralized Urban Governance', Centre for Civil society, New Delhi:2005

Conferences and Workshops

1. ‘Dalit community in the business contexts: incorporated or marginalised?’ - a paper presented at the 22nd European Conference for South Asian Studies 2012 at ISCTE- Lisbon University Institute, Lisbon, Portugal on 25-28th July 2012.

2. ‘Activism & Business Ownership: Where Dalits Stand’ a paper presented at the 12th European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) Biennial Conference- ‘Uncertainty and Disquiet’ at Universit√© Paris Nanterre on 10-13th July 2012

3. 'Dalit and Adivasi Participation in the Indian Business Economy' - a paper presented at the EADI-DSA 2011 Conference (13th EADI General Conference) at York University, UK on 19 - 22 September 2011.

4. Participated as part of the documentation team in the International Seminar on Poverty in Bihar: Pattern, Dimensions and Eradication Strategies organised by the Institute for Human Development at Patna, Bihar, India on 18-20 April 2010

5. 'Towards an Atlas of Economic Discrimination Against Dalits' - a paper (coauthored with Prof. Barbara Harriss-White) presented at the International Workshop for Judith Heyer - Rural Development: Retrospect and Prospect at Wolfson College, Oxford on 14-15 September 2007 .

6. 'Notes on Discrimination Against Dalits in India's Business Economy' - a paper  (coauthored with Prof. Barbara Harriss-White) presented at the South Asia Day at Oxford on 3 May 2007.

7. 'Ward Committee: Tool for Participatory Local Governance' - a paper presented at the National Workshop on 'Ward Power Reforms in Urban Governance'  at JNU New Delhi, India on 10th June 2005 

Fellowships and Grants

1. Nautilus Awards for Academic Achievements at Green Templeton College, Oxford (2012)

2. GTC DPhil Scholarship for research on Dalits' incorporation into India's Business Economy (2009-13)

3. GTC Learning Grant for fieldwork for research on Dalit businesses (2012)

4. OReNGA (Oxford Research Network on Government in Africa) Funding Award for research on grain traders in Tanzania during 2007

5. INLAKS Scholarship for MPhil in Development Studies (2006-08)

6. Urban Governance Fellowship by JNU, Janaagraha and CCS for an independent research on decentralised urban governance in India (2005)

7. CCS Research Fellowship for research on citizen-government partnership (2005)